Tommy Vext

Report: Tommy Vext Ordered To Pay Ex-Girlfriend’s Legal Fees For Past Domestic Violence Lawsuit


It would appear that former Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext will be left to foot a substantial legal bill this year. Back in 2020, a five-day virtual trial was held in the courts in relation to several domestic violence claims made against Vext (né Tommy Cummings).

An ex-girlfriend by the name of Whitney Johns had alleged several violent incidents had taken place during their relationship together in 2020 and filed a suit against him that year in turn.

Johns was initially said to have been granted a domestic violence restraining order against Vext in April of 2020, with the case eventually going before the courts in December of 2020. Vext himself would initially describe the allegations Johns made against him as an elaborate “extortion attempt”.

Ultimately the court granted Johns a two-year domestic violence restraining order against Vext. Vext himself would publicly go on to declare that the ruling had exonerated him of “any physical abuse accusations”.

In a late 2020 statement on the verdict, Vext offered:

“So although once again 2020 delivered the disappointing blow of injustice, at least The Honorable judge Joshua D Wayser was kind enough to publicly exonerated me in his ruling of any physical abuse accusations made by someone with a personal vendetta. There were no criminal charges filed against me. None.

I lost a civil case because I refused to keep my mouth shut as the press attempted to assassinate everything I had built over the past twenty years. Press who never had an issue with me before I proudly stood up as a patriot this year.”

Now Loudwire are reporting that a new press release has just been issued from Johns‘ legal team of Povinziano & Associates. Per that statement, Vext has been found by an appeals judge to be liable to pay the $97,500 legal fee Johns has incurred amid her litigation against Vext.

Vext is said to have initially been ordered to pay Johns‘ legal fees in June of 2021, but went on to file an appeal, which has now since been rejected. Johns lawyer Alphonse Provinziano is quoted as saying in the aforementioned statement on this latest ruling:

“Under California law, a person who gets a domestic violence restraining order from a court is entitled to receive lawyer’s fees, except in cases where it is found to be frivolous or brought with an improper motive.

California law is clear that judges have the ability to order reasonable lawyers’ fees, so we are glad to see that affirmed in this case. This is an especially important ruling for small firms like ours.

The law allows people who receive domestic violence restraining orders to get their legal fees paid as a way of encouraging lawyers to take these kinds of cases. Attempts to delay or stop the payment of reasonable legal fees don’t just hurt law firms, they also undermine the intention of the law, which is that anyone who needs help should be able to get it.”

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