Bad Wolves Tommy Vext On The Tin Foil Show

Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext Calls Domestic Violence Allegations An “Extortion Attempt”, Discusses Being ‘Cancelled’ On ‘The Tin Foil Show’


Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext appeared recently on ‘The Tin Foil Show‘ to openly discuss the accusations of domestic violence leveled against him this year, being ‘cancelled’ for expressing his political beliefs, overcoming suicidal thoughts and more. In case you’re wondering about the image above, during a segment of the show all members taking part in the discussion donned their own tin foil hats.

As for his appearance on the show, earlier this month, court documents of proceedings involving Vext and his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns came to light. In those documents Johns accused Vext of several physically violent incidents alleged to have taken place earlier this year.

A hearing for the case was scheduled to take place on December 09th, though it is not publicly clear of any new developments in the proceedings. Addressing the allegations directly on the aforementioned show, Vext went on to say the following [transcribed by]:

“This a good example of cancel culture. I’m currently… like many of my friends who are who are professionals and public figures are wealthy, I’m currently engaged in an attempted #metoo campaign. And I’ve been going through an extortion attempt for 10 months. I dated a girl. I didn’t know a lot of things about her. She had a history of doing certain things.

You know she was not well. She was physically violent, and our relationship was toxic and I was like, ‘see you later.’ And this actually happened—our breakup happened on the heels of… a girl friend of mine was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

So my friend Amie Nicole Harwick, she was a doctor. She had a stalker. She dated this guy. Amy and I were friends for 14 years. And, you know, they had a toxic relationship she broke up with him, had to get restraining orders, moved on and he found out where she lived nine years later, and then murdered her on Valentine’s Day.

And I went on stage—I was in Europe—and I was beside myself and Amie was friends with a lot of people. Her ex-husband was a drummer so she knew all the musicians. So I’m on tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth, this is a lot of people crying. I mean she was a wonderful, wonderful person. I printed out her picture and I went on stage and I gave this speech about domestic violence. And that you know, if you’re in a domestic violence situation you have to leave.

And I came home, and my old lady punched the shit out of me for posting a picture with another woman who was my dead friend and that was pretty much the end of it. And we tried to be friends after that, it was not possible. And like most guys I kept moving and I started seeing somebody else. And that’s when the craziness started.

And then it was like, you know, police reports, fake police reports and that and the other. And the D.A. looked at all that, there was no evidence so they threw it out, so she went and got a restraining order then said, If I give her $20,000 she’ll walk away.

And then it was $40,000 to walk away, then it was $60,000 to walk away. And we are engaged in a civil dispute right now. So we’ve been in trial, we have one one more day. And it’s not looking good for her, so she went to the press.

And I mean the things that I’m accused of is like, you know, it’s like attempted murder shit, like beating and strangulation. Things that like you know I’m 260. I’m 6’1. Like, if you’re a guy and I and I did this to you, you’d die.”

Vext has of course also remained vocal on his conspiracy theory beliefs and right-leaning politic ideologies on his social media. He spoke of the consequences of those actions:

“I think being in the entertainment industry and having come out pretty early on this year with some of my more conservative-leaning ideology, the backlash is insane. To me, there’s been a weaponization of a health crisis to leverage an assault on small businesses. This is just another version of cancel culture.

So, like, if you’re in the entertainment industry if you’re an actor, you’re an artist—you know I’ve had incredible backlash. I’ve lost, you know, I had a book deal for a lot of money; I lost a book deal, I’ve lost endorsements because I’ve come out and supported a candidate.

I’ve been, like, you know, blocked at radio stations because of my political views. Cancel culture is out there and they [are] like really running at me. And a lot of people have had to deal with this, you know it’s like you see somebody like Ice Cube.

He comes out and he sends two bills to both political parties, and the left are like, you know, ‘whatever we’ll deal with this another time.’ And the right are like, ‘well let’s take these into consideration immediately and let’s see how we can help African American community’. And then he gets he gets reamed out because he’s cooperating with a party who wants to actually help and put into effect change that will change society and change the urban environment.”

He later once again addressed the topic of being ‘cancelled’:

“You have to learn to manage fear. I am in the entertainment industry, I’ve been canceled. Like, I’m cancelled right now. They’re trying to get rid of me because I supported Trump publicly. They’re trying to get rid of me, because I ask people questions. They’re trying to get rid of me because my following is growing, because we’re having these conversations and engaging in diversity of thought.

I’m somebody… I got murdered. I was murdered in 2010. Okay. I survived that, I was revived. And I testified against my twin brother who tried to kill me who was a gangster. He hired someone to murder me after he failed to do so so I couldn’t testify against him. And so I lived in the witness protection program for 11 months. Cancel culture? It doesn’t scare me.

That time was one of the hardest times in my life. But at the end of the day, it was a gift. Because I learned how to survive and lived off $300 a month, which is like back to being poor. I lost everything.

But every day, I was determined to survive. And if everyone adopts this attitude as a nation, as small business owners, as thought leaders, as the inspirational people that we’re determined to preserve everything that’s great about this country, and reject these false ideological bullshit mentalities that they’re trying to poison out brothers and sisters with, we have a chance. We have a chance. But it’s in our hands, it’s up to us.”

Being ‘cancelled’ was frequent topic of discussion for Vext in the chat as he also had the following to offer at one point:

“For example, I deal with this stuff. Like, I’ve been banned from radio stations right? This has been going on all year. It’s like if I posted a picture with a MAGA hat: banned from radio stations. Or I reposted Justin Trudeau saying that he’s working to help the 2030 agenda and the great reset.

And I’m like these are conspiracy theories and you’re a world leader of a first world nation on camera, talking about a communist agenda that’s supposed to be a conspiracy theory. And the Canadian radio stations: ‘oh we can’t have this’. You know, IHeartRadio, they have me blocked right now.

…It’s not a theory anymore if it comes to reality. But that’s the backlash is, I think and when I try to understand, like I don’t ever really get mad. I try to analyze this stuff. And a lot of these program directors, they have to go through collegiate indoctrination to get the positions that they have.

And I think around 2004 this was implemented. And there have been a lot of really good schools who took a lot of money from foreign nations to implement these kinds of liberal arts ideologies, gender studies, you know, race this—all these things that you can get a degree in, but you can’t get a job with it.

But that whole indoctrination process… it shapes your view. So when you’re in college, that’s a very pivotal point in a person’s life where they’re deciding who they are and what they believe in what they stand for. So they’re being targeted at that point, and even before and even earlier now.

But when somebody who is—and these are people who are nice people, they believe in being good and doing this—and their, their perception is that the truth is dangerous.”

Vext also spoke of racism in the United States, a topic he drew some criticism for earlier this year after stating in part “We don’t have a problem with race here. It’s all manufactured…”. Here’s what he had to say when further addressing the issue:

“I had the same experience as somebody like Lil Wayne. Look, you know, Lil Wayne, they asked him how do you think there’s a problem with race in America and he said ‘I don’t believe it.’ He’s like, I came out on stage. I remember this, and there was only white people. I was like, ‘cool, cool.’

And I’m in a rock band, in a multi-platinum internationally successful rock band, and little white kids run up to me and give me hugs. And so do black kids. People don’t care, you know what I mean? And so, I do remember there was a time like in the 80s in the 90s, race, still was an issue.

I think after 9/11, there was a significant psychological shift in the unification of Americans—and people need to understand to—I grew up in New York but I’ve been touring for 20 years in this country. I’ve gone to all the places. I’ve gone to all the backcountry in the teeny tiny, you know venues and Alabama or Mississippi or wherever, Louisiana, Texas. Just like and I’ve lived in all the big cities I lived in New York, I lived in San Francisco, I’ve lived in Vegas, I’ve been in Los Angeles, I’m in Huntington Beach now. I experienced this country.

And especially after Obama was elected president, to me, as an African American man who is in a white dominated industry, that was probably the last putterings, that was the last embers ashed out. I don’t know, maybe I’m not having this experience, but I think that there’s a component of self-victimization to believe, you know to insist that you’re being mistreated, because the color of your skin when it’s not happening.”

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and his thoughts regarding the legitimacy and seriousness of it, he replied:

“…Let’s rattle out some statistics. This is my favorite argument point. People are like ‘Oh 200,000 people died.’ And I’m like I don’t give a shit. Not that I don’t care that people died, but listen, people die every day and now I’m going to talk about that.

7.2 million people die every year from cigarettes. You say ‘Tommy‘, that’s voluntary it’s not the same.’ Oh, 800,000 people die of secondhand smoke. They didn’t choose to. They just lived with or were in an environment where there was smoking. Okay, we don’t outlaw cigarettes.

Do you know in America that 2300 and about 78 people a day die of heart disease, in America. Every day, 123 people commit suicide.”

When the show’s host pointed out his issues with comorbidities being linked to COVID-19 deaths and potentially inflating the death toll numbers, Vext responded:

“Well, the CDC announced it. Was it August? They released a study that showing 9300 people died of COVID period, and then everyone else… they had cancer, they had heart disease, they had pneumonia they had, you know… 2.6 comorbidities. Which means the average person was dying of two other two and a half other things.”

Regarding having differing political viewpoints than some of his friends and being a former Democrat himself, he stated:

“This is one of the really funniest things to me. You know my friends who are liberal—and these are not our enemies—they’re just, they just believe a lie. And they think we’re crazy for having diversity of thought and questioning and researching and, you know, understanding manipulation.

I just want to put this together. A lot of these people think that they’re the resistance, right, like if they’re in ‘Star Wars‘ and they’re fucking Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and they got to fight the evil empire. But what they don’t realize is academia, the mainstream media, big tech, all social networks, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, CCP and these trillion dollar corporations and these, these billionaire super PACs. They are the ones driving a narrative against one dude. Because he’s a threat.

So if you think you’re the resistance. You’re a misguided Stormtrooper for the Empire, you’re lost, you’re a pawn. Just like in ‘The Force Awakens‘, Finn realizes what is happening is wrong, and takes his helmet off and walks away. And a lot of us have done that.

I was a Democrat, most of my life, I identified as democrat like, you know. And it’s been a six year journey of realizing it’s bullshit. Malcolm X warned us of this shit. You know what I mean it’s like it’s funny to watch LeBron James, you know obviously, he didn’t read Malcolm X‘s book. And it’s just like you got to open it and read the pages. Yeah, you know, I mean? And stop taking money from China. *cough* Nike.”

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