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Code Orange Release New Short Film ‘What Is Really Underneath?’


Experimental alternative metal band Code Orange have released a short film meant to accompany the impending release of their “Underneath” companion album, “What Is Really Underneath?“. The film carries the same title as that aforementioned reimagining of “Underneath” and was put together by the band’s guitarist/programmer Shade. The overall concept for the film was dreamt up by vocalist Jami Morgan.

In a potential note of interest, this new companion album emerges via fledgling label Blue Grape Music in arrangement with the band’s own Code Orange LLC as opposed to their previous label home of Roadrunner Records, where the band are now listed as a legacy artist. Morgan spoke at length about this upcoming release and their vision for it earlier this week, you can see what he had to say here.

The album edition of “What Is Really Underneath?” will arrive this Friday, February 17th and run as follows:

01 – “Drowning In It
02 – “So Below
03 – “The Shell
04 – “Club.Cold.Metal
05 – “Your_Demise
06 – “Prismatic Shame
07 – “The Cutters Theme
08 – “Down We Go
09 – “A Life In The Box
10 – “Smaller Everyday
11 – “The Whispering Souls
12 – “A Thin Reflective Line
13 – “What Is Really Underneath?
14 – “The Path To Paradise…

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