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Code Orange To Reimagine “Underneath” With New Album “What Is Really Underneath?”


Code Orange have confirmed that their recent teases have been for an upcoming remix/companion album of their fourth studio outing, “Underneath“. That new effort is titled “What Is Really Underneath?” and will emerge this coming Friday, February 17th.

Speaking recently with Kerrang! of it, frontman Jami Morgan said:

“…I think it’s important to show people different corners of what it is that we do. We didn’t want to do a remix record in the sense of anyone else remixing our stuff – even though there’s a lot of amazing people out there. We wanted it to be a soundtrack to the record. Listening to this can kind of inform that world and the character ideas we were putting down in our art.”

He later continued:

“There are a couple of songs on here I think are just awesome songs.’So Below‘, ‘Drowning In It‘ and ‘Club.Cold.Metal‘ are hooky and could exist in different environments than we would normally be allowed to exist in. It’s immersive in the sense that we approach things song by song, but I’m always thinking about the album. It’s very intentional in things like the order, the way things connect, and I think people will be able to see that.

At the same time, we don’t expect people’s full attention span for anything, but we do things purely based on what the void is for things that we like. We take elements of things that we like, and we try to put them together in a way that if we were outside of ourselves would think were really cool.

We really think about every element and when we pump this thing up in the next week or so, people will see that. Being able to paint on that canvas and put a little bit more of that ‘Underneath‘ world out there, you know? That record is all over the place purposefully for the whole time, and this record builds a cityscape around it. I’m sure nobody will give a fuck but it’s fun for me!”

A 13-minute video will accompany the release of the upcoming video and was written by Morgan. The band’s guitarist/programmer Shade oversaw the animation of it. Speaking further with Kerrang! of the band’s creative inclinations, Morgan offered:

“We try to subvert certain ideas. That’s why I like the idea of doing a WWE theme song, and then doing a project like this, then doing Coachella, then doing a mainstream metal fest, then doing hardcore stuff. I don’t like there to be ‘pretentious stuff’ and ‘dumb stuff’, and we’ve been moved around both of those so many times.

We’ve been told we’re a stupid WWE Monster Energy band, we’ve been told we’re too challenging, and we’ve been told we’re everything in between. My core principle is to have a world people can explore but also have stuff on the surface they can enjoy that they think looks badass.”

As for the band outgrowing the hardcore scene they cut their teeth on, Morgan added:

“I’m still part of it but I don’t know if our band is part of it at this moment, in a direct sense. I’m still going to support hardcore ’til I die. When Bob from FYA Fest asked us to be on it last time, we played and it did not go well. It was over by then and that was years ago! The tide has changed.”

You can find a lot more from Morgan on the record over at Kerrang!. According to an unconfirmed leaked listing, “What Is Really Underneath?” will run as follows:

01 – “Drowning In It
02 – “So Below
03 – “The Shell
04 – “Club.Cold.Metal
05 – “Your_Demise
06 – “Prismatic Shame
07 – “The Cutters Theme
08 – “Down We Go
09 – “A Life In The Box
10 – “Smaller Everyday
11 – “The Whispering Souls
12 – “A Thin Reflective Line
13 – “What Is Really Underneath?
14 – “The Path To Paradise…

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