Existentialist Debut “Embers Upon Cavalry” Video, Ingested’s Jason Evans Guests


UK-based blackened death metal group Existentialist have newly signed with Seek And Strike. An official video for their track “Embers Upon Cavalry“, which finds Ingested vocalist Jason Evans guesting, is the first sonic offering to emerge via this new arrangement. The band’s sophomore album “The Heretic” will follow through the label on April 28th.

Speaking of the song, the Existentialist offered:

“We chose the track, ‘Embers Upon Calvary,’ as our first single because it’s brutal and hits hard from the start. Musically, it sums up our style, as there’s bits of everything we do in the one track. Plus, each of us get a chance to show off a bit of musicianship. Having Jason on the track was a later decision. A couple of us got talking to him when we played Bloodstock and we thought, this track has some really slammy bits in. Jason ‘The Slam King’ would sound so good, so it happened.

Lyrically speaking, the track starts where our protagonist declares war against their god by burning the most holy site to the ground and massing an army of non-believers. The deeper message in the track references how religion encourages you to ignore or omit knowledge in order to preserve the core teachings. Similarly to the track, the video was designed to be as in your face as possible in order to create an oppressive hell-like feel, both dark and blasphemous.”

As for their new label home, the group added:

“When searching for a label, we were specifically looking for was a label who has range. Seek and Strike has a really eclectic mix of metal bands with a variety of sounds. We also wanted to work with someone who gives the artists autonomy to forge their own style, rather than having a commercially motivated input. Seek and Strike gave us the flexibility over release schedules and artistry that was really desirable, alongside a global promotion. We’re very excited about this partnership and here we go.”

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