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Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke & Attila’s Chris Fronzak Were Back To Beefing With Each Other On This Year’s ‘ShipRocked’ Cruise


It would appear that Ronnie Radke, vocalist of the platinum-certified alternative metal band Falling In Reverse and Chris Fronzak, vocalist for party-loving deathcore outfit Attila, are keeping their decade-old beef warm. By the looks of it, the pair got back into it while they were both aboard the recent ‘ShipRocked‘ cruise. Radke called out Chris Fronzak onstage, calling him a “fucking poseur”, as you can see below:

@chrisfronzak #stitch with @laurencap99 Lmfaoooo @ronnieradke dissed me on stage and offically got the weakest cheer of the entire festival ?? #ronnieradke #fallinginreverse #attila #fronz ? Callout – Attila

Radke and Fronzak have had a long-running beef that reached a boiling point when Fronzak called out Radke in Attila‘s 2013 song, “Callout“. Fronzak stated of Radke in that track:

“Even Ronnie Radke talks shit on my Instagram
Give me your address so I can hit you with a mic stand
Send me a letter about the guys that you blew
And that f*ggot you b*ttfucked his name is Christopher Drew

The pair have had flare-ups in the years since. In the days since this latest incident, which appears to have been followed by an in-person confrontation, the pair have went back and forth on social media over the matter:

@ronnieradke #stitch with @chrisfronzak ? ZOMBIFIED – Falling In Reverse

@chrisfronzak Replying to @ronnieradke #greenscreen Thats why. #shiprocked #ronnieradke #fallinginreverse #fronz #attila ? ZOMBIFIED – Falling In Reverse

@chrisfronzak #duet with @ronnieradke #Stitch HAHAHA THIS KEEPS GETTING BETTER ?? #ronnieradke #fallinginreverse #metalcore #metal ? ZOMBIFIED – Falling In Reverse

For what it’s worth, Radke was asked by a fan in the comments on his post on whether or not his beef with Fronzak was fake or a publicity stunt. He replied, “It’s not… he acts like he wants the smoke till there’s smoke then back tracks.”

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