Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke & Attila's Chris Fronzak

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke & Attila’s Chris Fronzak Have Been Twitter Beefing


Should it not just be a publicity stunt, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak and Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke appear to have been beefing on Twitter lately. Of course, the pair have not had a pleasant relationship in the past. Fronzak of course called out Radke in Attila‘s 2013 track “Callout“, in part stating in the song’s lyrics:

“Even Ronnie Radke talks shit on my Instagram
Give me your address so I can hit you with a mic stand
Send me a letter about the guys that you blew
And that f*ggot you b*ttfucked his name is Christopher Drew

This latest round of beef appears to have started (publicly at least) when Fronzak tweeted out earlier this month:

Radke fired back:

Tweets between Radke and a Twitter user followed and included the below exchange, referring to Radke‘s past in prison in relation to the death of Michael Cook a decade ago:

After some silence between the two frontmen, Radke responded to the below tweet from Fronzak:

The lawsuit mentioned above by Radke took place some years back (see the story here.) A since deleted tweet made by Radke followed later as part of a different conversation that involved Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens and read:

“@FRONZILLA well between the amount of cocaine,fake gangster mtv “Iwanna be a model” and “i don’t play my guitar live I’d assume you’d have enough knowledge to understand that 300 cap rooms don’t make you main support on 2500-3000 cap tours”

Radke also said in another deleted tweet riddled with some spelling errors:

“I could end your entire career in one tweet without a call out song. But I choose not to cause you friends woujd he exposed and I like them so I won’t”

That led to the following exchange:

The apparent feud then appears to have went cold with the following exchange:

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