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Ex-Darkest Hour Guitarist Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan Accuses His Predecessor Kris Norris Of “Faking” His Guitar Solos With A Computer


Two former members of Darkest Hour have been going at it on social media this week. Among them are Kris Norris, who handled lead guitar duties for the band from 2002 through to 2008 (and has since been brought back to help with writing from to time) and his eventual replacement Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan, who left the band back in 2020.

While the melodic metalcore outfit didn’t indicate there was any tension amid their parting of ways, it would appear that differing political views were at least played some part in the role. In a post made under a week ago, Carrigan vented openly about his exit on the band via his Facebook, offering:

“Reason #973 why I quit Darkest Hour.
I remember being on a zoom call in spring 2020 and John Henry was having a meltdown saying something along the lines of “if trump wins re election, we’re probably gonna need your guns for a war” and i almost spit my out my drink. Not only had this dumbass previously told me he thinks owning guns should be illegal, but he was asking me to particpate in some really stupid stuff.”

Earlier this week, Carrigan and Norris looked to have had some heated exchanges via social media as well, of which Carrigan shared numerous screen caps. In them, Carrigan can be seen accusing Norris of “faking” his guitar solos. Per Carrigan‘s accusation, he implies that Norris would record them at half-speed and then use a computer to as he put it, “speed them up.”

Along with numerous personal insults, and bitter jabs, the two can be seen taking digs at each other’s political affiliations, lamenting publishing/royalty payments and trading barbs about each other’s contributions to the band.

At one point Carrigan proclaims that Norris‘ legacy in Darkest Hour is “fake guitar solos.” Norris can also be seen stating to Carrigan that “…you weren’t on any songs any one cares about…” when discussing the matters of publishing.

Furthering his accusations in a reply to a fan on the post, Carrigan further went after Norris and his ex-bandmates in Darkest Hour, claiming:

“They recorded them at half speed and sped them up. Then tried to pull a RATM and say that there’s no keyboards on their records knowing that they faked all their “virtuosic” guitar playing. Their entire sound is stolen from 3 bands.”

Should you want to delve into that whole bitter matter, the comments and screen caps can be found over at Carrigan‘s Facebook and in the various replies to the post, which is located here.

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