Slipknot The End For Now...

Slipknot’s New Album “The End, So Far” Was Printed With The Wrong Title On Select Vinyl & Cassette Variants


It turns out select physical copies of Slipknot‘s seventh studio album “The End, So Far” were subject to an apparent misprint. Fans who have since received their limited edition copies of the album on vinyl and cassette were understandably a bit perplexed by the alternate title featured on the cover art. As you can see above and below, in place of the album’s official title of “The End, So Far” is “The End For Now…“. Certain pressings also had the wrong title printed on the album itself.

It would appear that the copies affected by the misprint were caught before being shipped out, but were only addressed by a sticker with the proper album titled affixed over the blunder. Among the pressings afflicted by the error were several of the neon vinyl variants, including the limited edition clear; neon pink; neon yellow; neon violet; cobalt and cassette pressings. Those copies also featured an incorrect track listing with “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)” listed merely as “Dying Song“. Meanwhile, “Hive Mind” was improperly titled “Hivemind“.

While taking part in a Reddit AMA several days ago, Corey Taylor, frontman for the Iowan masked metal behemoths, was asked by a fan why they changed the album from “The End For Now…“. Taylor responded:

“The End, So Far was the correct name
somebody fucked up and didn’t double check with us”

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