Rumors Of A Botch Reunion Heat Up


It would appear that Washington mathcore favorites Botch may actually plan to reunite after some 20 years of inactivity. A post shared by the band’s former bassist Brian Cook (now of Russian Circles, etc. fame) yesterday (July 31st) appears to be the most obvious of hints of what may be to come, it can be seen below:

The group, who signed with Sargent House last fall to facilitate the digital distribution of their back catalog, mentioned there were “exciting things to come in 2022.” At that time, Cook also said that while they were planning vinyl reissues and more, though he added that “we’re not playing shows.”

Coinciding with Cook‘s newly shared suggestive post is the below post shared earlier today by Sargent House themselves:

Back in 2020, former Botch frontman Dave Verellen was asked about reuniting the band for a show, to which he admitted that the “odds are really low,”, before later revealing that he personally “would love to do it.”

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