Oli Herbert Of All That Remains

Oli Herbert’s Widow Opens Up On Her Husband’s 2018 Death, Speaks Of Potential Involvement Of Mystery Woman


Beth Herbert, widow of late All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, has told her side of her husband’s 2018 death to the Daily Mail. Oli was found dead in a shallow pond on October 17th, 2018 near his Stafford Springs, CT home which he shared with Beth. He had traces of several antidepressants and sleeping aids in his system at the time of his passing. While his official cause of death was listed as drowning, the manner of death remains undetermined, with a criminal investigation still ongoing.

Much speculation has emerged regarding Herbert‘s passing, with many allegations surfacing online against Beth. The couple were sleeping in separate rooms at the time of his passing, after, Oli had declared he wanted a divorce. Oddly though, Oli signed a new will under bizarre circumstances roughly a week prior to his death. That will named Beth the sole executrix of his estate.

In her new interview with the aforementioned publication, Beth alleged that police had attempted to railroad her into making a confession that she murdered him. However, Beth remains adamant that she had nothing do with it, telling the Daily Mail “I absolutely did not kill my husband.”

She continued, “The police, they were talking to all these people who had an axe to grind with me. People are accusing me for various reasons, for revenge, for free publicity, to try to build careers for themselves.”

She also claimed there was apparent bias in the lead detective assigned to the case, Michael Zella. She said of him: “You could tell he was fan of the band. Here he is, this country cop, and he’s working on a rock star who died. I think he got star struck and was on a power trip.”

Notable among Beth‘s side of the story is word of an apparent mystery woman by the name of Penelope. Oli and Beth had filed a police report regarding an incident they had with Penelope in July of 2018. The mystery woman is said to have shown up on their property and offered to help the couple find one of their missing dogs whom they were searching for at the time. However, it is alleged that Penelope later pushed Oli over a ledge, injuring him before running off.

After that incident, the mystery woman was never seen again by the couple or police. Speaking of the odd encounter they had, Beth didn’t rule out the mystery woman as potentially being behind her husband’s death, offering:

“That did cross my mind when the police found my husband’s body – that it was Penelope. Did Penelope come back? Did he stumble down there on his own? We don’t know. All I know is I was upstairs in bed and when I came downstairs in the morning he wasn’t in the house.”

You can read the entire story over, which includes word from several colleagues and associates of Oli and Beth, at Daily Mail.

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