Oli Herbert Of All That Remains

Late All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert Signed A Will That Left His Wife As The Sole Executor/Benefactor A Week Prior To His Death


Another detail has come to light in the suspicious circumstances surrounding death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert this past October. Herbert was found dead in a pond nearby his Stafford Springs, CT home on October 16th, 2018 after his wife reported him missing.

The Hartford Courant, citing multiple sources close to the investigation, are reporting that Oli‘s will is part of an ongoing police probe into his death. According to the publication, that 11-page will was notarized by a friend of Oli and his wife Elizabeth on October 09th—roughly a week prior to his death.

That will reportedly was reportedly notarized at a local car dealership with an employee at the dealership having served as a witness. The aforementioned friend of the Herbert’s who notarized the document is said to work at the same dealership  The participating witness claims to have not known the couple prior.

Notable about the will and an apparent life insurance policy mentioned within it is that Oli‘s wife Elizabeth Herbert was named as the sole executor and benefactor. It also allegedly states that Elizabeth would be entitled to all property as well as current and future earnings.

That will was filed in probate court in late December with an apparent lack of legal representation according to the report.

The aforementioned publication also notes that Elizabeth had initially cooperated with the police on the investigation but has since directed queries to her attorney Anthony Spinella.

This latest revelation comes after a report last month found that the Herbert‘s residence was in a state of foreclosure at the time of Oli‘s death.

Oli‘s death remains under investigation by the State Police Eastern District Crime Squad, who are said to be treating it as suspicious with his cause of death being listed as ‘undetermined’ pending any new findings.

According to Elizabeth, Oli had been self-medicating for ‘manic depression’ and had traces of anti-depressants and a sleeping aid in his system at the time of his death as per a toxicology report.

A group of fans and friends of Oli have been compiling what they claim is evidence of suspicious circumstances surrounding Oli‘s death, sharing their findings on the Facebook GroupJustice For Oli Herbert‘.

Unfortunately however, it would appear that some individuals have overstepped their bounds as a group of men were seen trespassing on the property this month. Elizabeth stated that the men were “poking around” the pond where Oli‘s body was found.

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