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Be Well (Darkest Hour, Ex-Bane, Etc.) Debut “I Will Leave You With This”


Melodic hardcore collective Be Well (Darkest Hour, ex-Bane, etc.) have released their new song “I Will Leave You With This” as the second single from their new EP “Hello Sun“. An official video has surfaced alongside it, with the band’s frontman (and scene veteran) Brian McTernan stating:

“One of the most incredible things about putting out the first Be Well record, and doing interviews, was talking to people about the impact that the records that I’ve spent my life making had on their lives. I had never fully processed how meaningful it was. That might sound crazy, but I had only really held on to the negatives in a lot of ways. At my darkest times, I felt like I had wasted my life. I am now able to look back and see that I was a part of something way bigger than me. I played a role in helping artists that I respect beyond words create things that will live forever. How did I never allow myself to take any joy in that? ‘I Will Leave You With This’ is a defiant song, to myself in a way, like, ‘I’m not ever gonna lose that perspective.’”

Hello Sun” will meet a May 20th release on Revelation Records.

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