Vio-lence Guitarist Phil Demmel’s Temporary Fill-In Role With Lamb Of God Came About As “A Couple Of The Guys In The Band Are Not Down With Doing The Vaxx”


Vio-lence guitarist Phil Demmel has earned himself a reputation as a go-to fill-in performer over the years, having been recruited to to perform live for Slayer, Overkill and Lamb Of God. For the latter, Demmel took the place of guitarist Willie Adler in the band this past January as part of the annual ‘ShipRocked‘ cruise.

As it turns out, Demmel will remain onboard as an emergency replacement for Lamb Of God going forward.  His status with the band boils down to concerns over the COVID-19 from a member in the Lamb Of God camp.

Vio-lence vocalist Sean Killian recently spoke with on the matter, offering:

“[Phil has] been asked by Lamb Of God to be able to step in for ’em, ’cause a couple of the guys in the band are not down with doing the vaxx. So if there’s countries that are still closed by the time they go out, he’ll go out. But we have a solid backup already ready to go. And he’s someone that a lot of people know; I just don’t wanna say who it is.

You don’t wanna put it out there and then not have it happen. But if Phil‘s not there, the guy that will be there is just as good as Phil is on the axe. He’s a shredder. And everyone knows him, so if I told you, you would know right away.”

Vio-lence just recently issued their brand new EP “Let The World Burn” this past March.


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