Ecstatic Vision

Ecstatic Vision Set April Release For New Album “Elusive Mojo”, Hear First Singles “March Of The Troglodytes/Elusive Mojo”


Psychedelic rock band Ecstatic Vision will have their fourth studio album “Elusive Mojo” out through Heavy Psych Sounds on May 13th. The group recorded that effort live to 2″ tape in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA with Joe Boldizar (Sonic Praise) and Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet) and had Tim Green (Melvins) master it.

The opening songs “March Of The Troglodytes/Elusive Mojo” have newly been launched as the first single from the opus and are streaming below. The outfit had the following to say about them:

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“These were the first tracks written for the album and is a good bridge between the EV of old and the EV of 2022. It sounds like the Asheton Brothers jammin’ some burly, unhinged heavy psych wit’ da Flower Travelin Band circa 1971 except it’s played by a bunch of low lifes from Philly.”

Elusive Mojo“:

01 – “March Of The Troglodytes
02 – “Elusive Mojo
03 – “Times Up
04 – “The Kenzo Shake
05 – “Venom
06 – “The Comedown
07 – “Deathwish 1970

Pre-orders for the album can be found here.

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