Kid Rock

Kid Rock Says Donald Trump Told Him He Was Proud Of “We The People” Topping The iTunes Charts


If you missed it earlier this week, Michigan rap-rock gone country artist Kid Rock once again stirred the pot with some more of his musical output. Yesterday, January 25th, he issued a trio of new singles, but it was the politically motivated track among them “We The People” that made headlines. That song not only notched him up some more chart success for him, but also drummed up some intentional controversy.

The right-leaning track single found Rock railing against the left, current United States President Joe Biden and his Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci, big tech, left-leaning media outlets and more. An excerpt from the lyrics read:

“We the people in all we do
Reserve the right to scream “Fuck you”
(Hey-yeah) ow
(Hey-yeah) huh
“Wear your mask, take your pills”
Now a whole generation’s mentally ill
(Hey-yeah) man, fuck Fauci

But COVID’s near, it’s coming to town
We gotta act quick, shut our borders down
Joe Biden does, the media embraces
Big Don does it and they call him racist

We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people

Fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter too
And the mainstream media, fuck you too, too, too
(Woo) yeah, you…”

Since being released yesterday, “We The People” has shot to the top of the iTunes Top 200 songs. Another of those three newly released tracks, “The Last Dance“, also claimed the top 10 spot on the same chart.

Speaking today of the success the song “We The People” is currently enjoying, Kid Rock took to Twitter to state that former U.S. President Donald Trump personally expressed his admiration for the song and its chart success via a phone call.

Rock tweeted the following of that earlier tonight:

Rock and Trump are of course no strangers to each other, as Rock has been a long-time proponent of the former president. Rock previously attended the White House several times when Trump was in office as Commander-in-chief, including being on hand for the signing of the Music Modernization Act—a bill that set out to modernize various laws regarding music copyright and licensing, performance royalty rates and more.

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