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Code Orange’s Jami Morgan Speaks Of “Fun” Single “Out For Blood”, Band Have 25 New Songs In The Works


Code Orange frontman Jami Morgan discussed the band’s career and also touched on their future plans during a recent appearance on the Lead Singer Syndrome, which is hosted by Silverstein vocalist Shane Told. Speaking of their latest single “Out For Blood“, he offered:

“We were kind of using the word almost like ‘fun’—which isn’t a word we’ve ever used making any song in history. But I would sit there, I would be working out and I’d be listening to DMX and I’d be listening to White Zombie and I’d be listening to Pantera‘s ‘Walk‘ and… and the shit’s fun. I want to run into like a wall. And I’d be like why don’t we have something that scratches that itch?”

That track was produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance) as a one-off single, but Morgan is hopeful they can further their working relationship in the future. Morgan also stated that the band have roughly 25 new songs in the works, though he cautioned that most of them weren’t stylistically similar to “Out For Blood“.

He also briefly spoke of working with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins on a number of their new demo tracks, stating that he took diligent notes of the input Corgan shared on those tracks.

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