Nandi Bushell

Nandi Bushell Shares Says Her Newly Shared Cover Of Tool’s “Forty Six & 2” Is Her “Most Challenging Drum Cover” Thus Far


Viral multi-instrumentalist Nandi Bushell has recently shifted her focus to the music of Tool, having newly released the below drum playthrough of “Forty Six & 2” by the infamous progressive alternative metal band.

Bushell herself described the 1996 song as “the most challenging drum cover I have done, so far!” She commented:

Forty Six & 2 by Tool – This really was the most challenging drum cover I have done, so far! Lots and lots of complex timing changes and difficult patterns, its really fast in parts and its really long song too! I really enjoyed the challenge!!! I am now a #ProgRock fan! #DannyCarey – AMAZING beats!

My Uncle Ema LOVES #Tool, he has been playing me all their songs hoping I will cover one for a very long time. This one is for you Uncle Zombie. Tool are my most requested band to cover!

Thank you for supporting me #roland #zildjian #ludwig #vicfirth #sontronics #roland Ludwig Drums Zildjian Company Vic Firth Sontronics Roland

Thank you Sina-Drums and your Dad for helping me with the drumless track! Sina-Drums YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love all your videos!”

Bushell continues to thrive amid the COVID-19 lockdown, amassing 325k subscribers on her YouTube, while also bested Dave Grohl in a drum-off, performed live with Foo Fighters, wrote a song with Rage Against The Machine‘s Tom Morello and his son Roman, and more. Not bad considering she’s not even 12 yet.

Her cover also earned some praise from Tool guitarist Adam Jones:

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