Psycho Synner (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Just Released Nine New Studio Albums


Psycho Synner, who were previously known as Psychosexual before recently rebranding, have seen fit to release nine studio albums today. The band are fronted by ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, who is now known as ‘Grym Synner‘. He stated of this abundance of new material:

“We couldn’t play shows because of the pandemic, so we locked ourselves up and wrote and recorded nonstop. Nine albums later, we have really found our groove, so to speak.”

The albums released today include and self-provided descriptions for them include::

  • Unholy Hymns For The Children” their debut)
  • Bite The Snake” (the slimy, electric rock record)
  • As The Demon Dances Under The Blood Red Sky” (the psychedelic record)
  • Fuck In The Fire” (the straight ahead face-smasher)
  • Killing You Softly” (the acoustic record)
  • 666 BC Volume 1: The Burning Years” (first of a double album)
  • 666 AD Volume 2: The Scorched Years” (second of a double album)
  • Dying To See You” (the straight up metal record)
  • The Devil Made You Do It” (the Satanic rock ‘n’ roll record)

Those who purchase all nine of the albums via this location will also be given a bonus digital covers EP titled “Songs To Stalk You By“. A music video for the song “Bite The Snake” has newly been launched below with the band planning to tour in 2022.

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