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Ex-Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Now Touring As ‘TOMMY VEXT AND THE B@D W8LV3S’


There has been yet another escalation in the ongoing war between former Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext and his ex-bandmates in Bad Wolves. After Vext‘s exit from Bad Wolves at the start of this year, he has frequently taken shots at his former bandmates, most recently taking things a step further by filing suit against the group’s manager/label head Allen Kovac.

In that suit, Vext claims he was the victim of a concerted campaign to drive him out of the band. He alleged that Kovac did so after he became unhappy with Vext‘s increasing interest in various right-wing conspiracy theories and his sharing of his beliefs in that regard on social media. He further accused Kovac of enacting the alleged campaign after Vext refused to sell his take in the band. Vext would also accuse Kovac of racism in the suit as well—claims Kovac denied.

Since his apparent forced departure, Vext has claimed that the Kovac‘s Better Noise Music label has refused to turn over a wealth of music he wrote and recorded while still under contract. Vext has claimed that some of the music he wrote was being re-recorded for the new Bad Wolves album “Dear Monsters“, while other material was intended for a planned solo release.

Vext has previously accused Kovac and the aforementioned label of attempting to ‘financially bully him into submission‘ for the rights Vext has in the Bad Wolves trademarks. Appearing onstage back in June of this year, Vext said of the situation and his former bandmates:

“…They’re fucking frauds. These guys had the nerve to try to oust me from my own company, because I supported the President of the United States of America and they fucking didn’t like that. And guess what? Fuck you. That’s my answer. Okay.

Now, in the meantime, these fucking clown asshats got some fucking no-name singer, and they’re re-recording the entire new album that I wrote in the studio with my producer during COVID. I recorded three albums last year. And the record label will not allow me to release my music.

So Better Noise Records is holding all of my music and refusing to let it go, unless I give them the rights to the name Bad Wolves, which they do not have. But they don’t want to give me anything for it and this shit is crazy… This is why I’m this is why I did Vexit. I don’t want to be a part of that industry. I don’t want to fucking deal with any of that bullshit anymore.”

Vext has been touring steadily over the past few months under his own name, but it would seem things have taken an uglier turn following the lawsuit. An admat (see below) for Vext‘s newly revised leg of his ‘Don’t Shed On Me Tour‘ finds him promoting himself under the moniker of ‘Tommy Vext And The B@d W8lv3s‘ with his current backing band.

Vext‘s interest in controversial conspiracy theories weren’t the only issues he had leading up to his exit from Bad Wolves, as he also made headlines after being taken to court on domestic violence accusations by a former girlfriend.

Vext went on to crowdfund over $181,000 via GoFundMe for his solo career since exiting the band. Meanwhile, his former bandmates in Bad Wolves have since replaced him with Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz (LGND, ex-The Acacia Strain) and are preparing to release their new album “Dear Monsters” in the not too distant future.

Speaking last month on the lawsuit launched against Kovac and the bitterness between Vext and his former band, Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle stated, “…a big portion of the fanbase has essentially been radicalized against the band under false pretenses.


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