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Tommy Vext Slams Bad Wolves And Their New Singer, Rails Against “Arena Tour” Promoters And More


Former Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext continues to bash his former bandmates in that group, having ranted about it onstage during a recent appearance at ‘FitCon in Salt Lake City, UT this past weekend. Addressing the crowd on the matter in the below fan-filmed footage, Vext apparently stated of his former bandmates:

“…They’re fucking frauds. These guys had the nerve to try to oust me from my own company, because I supported the President of the United States of America and they fucking didn’t like that. And guess what? Fuck you. That’s my answer. Okay.

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Now, in the meantime, these fucking clown asshats got some fucking no-name singer, and they’re re-recording the entire new album that I wrote in the studio with my producer during COVID. I recorded three albums last year. And the record label will not allow me to release my music.

So Better Noise Records is holding all of my music and refusing to let it go, unless I give them the rights to the name Bad Wolves, which they do not have. But they don’t want to give me anything for it and this shit is crazy… This is why I’m this is why I did Vexit. I don’t want to be a part of that industry. I don’t want to fucking deal with any of that bullshit anymore.

All I give a shit about is coming out here and playing shows for you guys and giving you guys a few moments of fucking peace, to have a good time so we can come together and enjoy music. And the fucked up thing is, all these big tours, all these fucking massive arena tours and all these big rock bands… Dude, the people who are running that, they look at you and they think you’re a fucking animal, they think your sheep.

These fucking psychotic liberals in these main big cities in America think that we’re like batteries, to be used and thrown aside. And the time has come for us to fucking stand up and stop paying these motherfuckers and giving them money for their bullshit because they don’t give a fuck about us.

They don’t give a fuck about our children, they don’t give a fuck about the Constitution, and all they give a shit about is power, and it’s got to stop. Ladies and gentlemen, this song is a protest anthem and I think it’s rightly so that we play right now. The song is called ‘Zombie‘.”

Another controversial metal star, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was also in attendance at said convention and was photographed hanging out with Vext. Lambesis had shared several photos of himself with Vext yesterday on his Instagram but appears to have since deleted the post.

Vext‘s exit from Bad Wolves earlier this year followed no shortage of controversy on his part in 2020, from publicly sharing his various beliefs in various conspiracy theories, his right leaning political views and being taken to court on domestic violence accusations by a former girlfriend.

Since exiting Bad Wolves Vext has gone solo, raising over $181,000 USD via GoFundMe to help get his career up and running and fund an upcoming biography. He has also repeated alleged that he is being “financially bullied” over material he wrote last year while still a member of Bad Wolves. His most recent update dated June 03rd, 2021 via the aforementioned GoFundMe page in part reads:

“The band and label have continued to refuse to release me and my music as they promised and we have now given notice of pending legal action. This is the craziest situation I’ve actually ever heard of in the music industry.

I got to meet many of you at the Texas tour and we hope to meet more of you as we fill our summer and fall tour dates

Thank you all for your support and patience.

On a positive note it has been very validating to see Fauci getting held accountable for what so many of us suspected. The narrative is unraveling and there is hope that life is gonna get back on track.

As America and the world reopens we will continue to tour and bring you guys the experience you’ve know me for.

Thank you all and God Bless”

Late last month Vext would reveal the identity of Bad Wolves‘ new singer Daniel “DL’ Laskiewicz (LGND, ex-The Acacia Strain) prior to the band’s official announcement.

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