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Tommy Vext Claims Ex-The Acacia Strain Guitarist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz Is Bad Wolves’ New Frontman


Earlier today (May 24th) former Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext went on Instagram live to discuss several things, and among them, stated that his former bandmates in Bad Wolves have been working with The Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz as their new frontman.

Vext also posted it online via social media, offering in part:

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“Congratulations to D.L. former guitarist of Acacia strain who’s the new singer of Bad Wolves. Unfortunately the band is going to have to change its name if they don’t pay for the songs I wrote and my trademark ownership…”

Since leaving The Acacia Strain in 2013, Laskiewicz has more recently been involved in LGND and behind the scenes work with several bands, including helping Unearth write their 2018 album “Extinction(s)“. Notably Laskiewicz also helped with the composition on Bad Wolves‘ latest album, “N.A.T.I.O.N.“.

Bad Wolves themselves have yet to comment on the matter. It would appear though that tensions between the band and Vext have continued to strain since his departure earlier this year. Vext has complained several times about being “financially bullied” in regards to material he wrote for his solo album while still apparently under contract via the band’s deal with Better Noise Music.

Vext also fired a shot at Bad Wolves this past weekend after recently replacing them on the bill for this year’s ‘Rockfest‘ in Cadott, WI. To that end he posted the below video:

Current Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle appears to have indirectly commented on the matter via his Twitter today, offering:

Vext‘s departure from the band followed his increasing interest and expression of various conspiracy theories and right leaning political views which didn’t appear to align with the rest of the band. He was also taken to court by a former girlfriend for allegations of domestic violence.

Since leaving Bad Wolves, Vext has generated over $180,116 as of press time on GoFundMe for his solo career and a planned biography. On April 16th, 2021, he said of his ongoing struggles with his past label, offering:

“JUST UPDATING EVERYONE. Better Noise music has still not released me despite agreeing to their terms. I have had to hire a new attorney to expedite the process which is frustrating because I wanted to have music for you guys on my upcoming Texas tour.
Thank you for being patient and for standing by freedom of speech and against cancel culture.

I’m stoked to be getting back on stage next week and bringing the thing that’s most important to us all and that’s live music.”

Vext‘s aforementioned interest in conspiracy theories and his controversial political beliefs have also spilled over into his merchandise for his solo band, with anti-COVID-19 vaccine related designs such as ‘Rage Against The Vaccine’ and ‘Don’t Shed On Me’ available through his webstore.

Vext himself revealed earlier this year that he had previously contracted COVID-19 and recovered from it.

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