King Klick

(hed)p.e., Kottonmouth Kings, Swollen Members, Etc. Join Forces In King Klick


(hed)p.e. and Madchild (Swollen Members) have joined up with Johnny Richter (Kottonmouth Kings), Chucky Chuck and Obnoxious‘ project dubbed King Klick. The outfit take their name from a past Kottonmouth Kings track and you can hear their debut single “We Want It All” below.

The band commented:

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“The King Klick has been around for a long time and this is the perfect time to make it happen. The Subnoize Tribe – before the Subnoize Souljaz popped up there’s always been a King Klick. It’s the whole mob mentality that Kottonmouth built up.

It represents the brotherhood and the foundation this entire movement was built on. There have been many times where the King Klick was gonna drop but now it seems the universe is ready and we are here to save the Legacy. People keep asking who is in the King Klick and the answer is all of us.

The movement that we all became apart of was about bringing together people and making one big Klick full of misfits. From the guys on stage to the audience we were all one. Its time to bring that vibe back. Fuck all the drama we are here for a good time!! The crew down with the Noize klickin’ up!”

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