Philip H. Anselmo Reveals His Own Ranking Of Pantera’s Albums


Ex-Pantera frontman Philip H. Anselmo has ranked the albums from the aforementioned legendary metal outfit as part of a new video interview with Revolver. You can watch him rank those albums below, with a text version of his choices featured after the video itself:

His list reads:

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01. “Reinventing The Steel” (2000)
02. “Far Beyond Driven” (1994)
03. “Vulgar Display Of Power” (1992)
04. “The Great Southern Trendkill” (1996)
05. “Cowboys From Hell” (1990)
06. “Power Metal” (1988)

The interview arrives in part to promote a set of new Pantera vinyl pressings and a collectors issue focused on the band, which are now available here. Recent years have found Anselmo paying tribute to Pantera and their fallen members, guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. Anselmo‘s latest Pantera tribute set took place earlier this month, when he and his backing band The Illegals livestreamed ‘A Vulgar Display Of Pantera‘ performance.

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