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Disturbed’s Mascot ‘The Guy’ To Get His Own Comic Series And Action Figure


This year will see Disturbed‘s mascot ‘The Guy‘ get his own five-part comic book series dubbed ‘Dark Messiah‘, complete with an accompanying action figure. The first issue in the series will be out in July, while the action figure will be out in October of this year. An official press release spelled of the band’s plans for the venture:

Disturbed, Incendium, and Heavy Metal Entertainment announce the launch of Dark Messiah, a five-part comic book series. Published under Heavy Metal Entertainment and Incendium’s music-focused OPUS imprint, the story was conceptualized by Incendium CEO Llexi Leon and Tim Seeley (Nightwing, Hack/Slash) and written by Seeley, with illustrations by Ángel Hernández (Arrow, Star Trek), and cover artwork by Ryan Christensen.

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Dark Messiah takes place in the not so distant future, as firefighter Griffin DeSanto finds himself a man out of time, stumbling into a harsh world of poverty, automation, and subjugation. Technology rules and a tech empire built on suffering keeps the population in check through surveillance and mechanized policing. Though lost, Griffin is never alone. He was brought here for a reason, and The Vengeful One is his guide.

The iconic character and beloved mascot “The Guy” has been the faceless “face” of Disturbed for over 20 years. This will be the first dive into The Guy‘s power’s, history and lore, as we see him as The Vengeful One. “The Guy” has been featured in multiple Disturbed music videos, including starring in Todd McFarlane’s Disturbed: Land of Confusion animated music video, and in cover artwork for the band.

The Guy’s origin was in album artwork for Disturbed’s 2000’s The Sickness, shown as a creepy smile with big teeth. After that, his first full-blown appearance was in the album artwork for Ten Thousand Fists, where he was shown as a character with the same creepy, smiling face, cloaked by a hood, with an outfit made up of torn cloak and multiple chains, pumping his fist into the sky.

“Ever since ‘The Guy’ made his debut 20 years ago his evolution and transformation has only grown. We are excited to take ‘The Guy’ to the next level and bring his story to the forefront via both the comic book series and action figures. We can’t wait to share this next chapter with all of you,” the band Disturbed said in a statement about their Disturbed: Dark Messiah series.

Writer Tim Seeley, who is also the editor-in-chief of Heavy Metal Magazine, added: “the guys in Disturbed have a lot of the same influences I do…horror movies, 90s superhero comics, punk music, and an interest in humanity and the fight against oppression. So, we’ve teamed up to give a story to ‘The Guy’, and it’s going to be a savage horror epic about heroism, hope and a whole lot of teeth and chains.”

Disturbed’s powerhouse of a mascot was destined for comics and we’re thrilled to be developing the dystopian world of their immortal anti-hero, exploring the roots of his power, and digging into the rich history that’s been teased to date through the bands iconic album artwork and music videos. With flames and chains in abundance, ‘The Guy’ action figure was also a must have, so we’re realizing that out of the gate alongside issue one!” said Llexi Leon, CEO Incendium.

Dark Messiah begins as a 5-issue comic series; the first print edition of each issue will be released as a prestige-format limited edition collectible comic book, featuring cardstock covers, specialty foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering The first issue is available to order now and ships in July 2021.

Disturbed’s Dark Messiah will extend beyond the printed page into toys, apparel, and collectibles, including an action figure of “The Guy”.

The Vengeful One, The Dark Messiah, The Guy! A cosmic demon born of ancient magic, his spirit was bound to our world and buried deep beneath the sands, awaiting a suitable host with a righteous cause. Soon his vengeance will be unleashed, swift retribution is coming for the corrupt and powerful that plague our society.

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