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Wednesday 13 On Abuse Allegations Against Marilyn Manson: “I Say It’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty”


Wednesday 13 has spoken on cancel culture and the allegations of domestic violence and more that have been lodged against Marilyn Manson this year. Wednesday 13, who describes Manson as being a “close friend of mine for years”, was recently asked by Rock N Roll Experience about his experiences with cancel culture and whether or not he fears it may come for him. He responded:

“Ya know, it’s…not necessarily coming after me, I just think it’s such a dangerous thing, it’s almost like a court and jury without all of the facts and everybody can just, ya know, read the headline and go, okay, it’s my opinion. It’s scary. But I haven’t thought about it coming after me, I’ve thought about what it probably is like for…I thought about what it’s like for that kid who’s 13 or 14 playing guitar and wanting to be in a band, what’s he going to do, he can’t wait to be in a band and then gets cancelled.”

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When then asked about his thoughts on Manson being cancelled in light of the allegations made against him, Wednesday 13 offered:

“…Ya know, again, it’s just one of those kind of things, it’s the same thing where it was, alright, there’s these accusations and ok, everybody is, ok, well…he’s a monster so let’s step on the spider, let’s kill the monster. And I guess that’s probably the first reaction to that kind of thing, but they are all accusations and I say it’s innocent until proven guilty.

Manson has been a close friend of mine for years and I don’t know of him to be any of the stuff that I’ve read so I don’t know man, it sucks. I saw Dee Snider talking about Cancel Culture and he was the one going against the PMRC fighting them so it is, it’s a form of censorship, and it’s dangerous. It’s people seeing, oh wait, this guy can get cancelled so let’s cancel this guy, let’s cancel this guy, you start cancelling everyone for something bad they did there is going to be nobody left.”

On February 01st of this year Manson‘s ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood publicly accused him of ‘horrifically abusing’ her during their time together over a decade ago. Wood was just one of several women to publicly accuse Manson of abusive behavior on that day. Since then there have been allegations made against Manson by over fifteen women.

In February the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department confirmed they had opened an investigation over the allegations of domestic violence made against Manson.

Wednesday 13 released his new EP “Necrophaze – Antidote” yesterday, April 16th.

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