Hear Thou’s Cover Of Black Sabbath’s “Wheels Of Confusion”


Thou‘s take on Black Sabbath‘s “Wheels Of Confusion” has arrived online and can be streamed below. It’s among the covers featured on an upcoming tribute to Black Sabbath‘s 1972 album, “Vol. 4“. That tribute has been overseen by Magnetic Eye Records and will arrive as “Vol. 4 [Redux]” this Friday, October 30th. Thou guitarist Andy Gibbs commented of his band’s take:

“I think I was most excited about making that first section really heavy. The Sabbath version doesn’t have a rhythm guitar track, and Iommi is playing that lead, so I thought that was a good chance to really lay into those root notes and pull all of the weight and emotion that we could out of the chord progression. Playing that lead part over those chords is just an incredible experience for me; so much feeling for so few notes.”

He continued:

“Overall, though, translating the song was a bit of a challenge. There’s a lot of live studio ‘on the fly’ stuff happening, some fairly sloppy playing, and the transitions are just really weird overall. Somehow it all works though. I hope we were able to do it justice.”

Vol. 4 [Redux]” track listing:

01 – Thou – “Wheels Of Confusion
02 – The Obsessed – “Tomorrow’s Dream
03 – High Reeper – “Changes
04 – Matt Pike (of High On Fire) – “FX
05 – Spirit Adrift – “Supernaut
06 – Green Lung – “Snowblind
07 – WHORES. – “Cornucopia
08 – Tony Reed – “Laguna Sunrise
09 – Haunt – “St. Vitus Dance
10 – Zakk Sabbath – “Under The Sun

A separate Black Sabbath tribute album titled “Best Of Black Sabbath [Redux]” will also be released by Magnetic Eye Records this Friday as well, you can find the details for it here. Meanwhile, Thou will be releasing a new collaborative album with Emma Ruth Rundle titled “May Our Chambers Be Full” this Friday as well.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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