Black Sabbath

Two New Black Sabbath Tribute Albums Set For October Release, Thou, Matt Pike, Earthless & More Take Part


Magnetic Eye Records have set their sights on an October 30th release for their two tribute albums to the pioneering metal band Black Sabbath. Among their plans are “Best Of Black Sabbath [Redux]” and “Vol. 4 [Redux]“. The track listing for “Best of Black Sabbath [Redux]” has been revealed to run as follows:

01 – Earthless – “Never Say Die
02 – Caustic Casanova – “Wicked World
03 – Summoner – “A National Acrobat
04 – Black Electric – “Sweet Leaf
05 – Rwake – “The Writ
06 – Chad I Ginsburg/Jess Margera/Scott Reeder/James Rota – “NIB
07 – Year Of The Cobra – “Planet Caravan
08 – Hippie Death Cult – “Fairies Wear Boots
09 – Leather Lung – “Hole In The Sky
10 – Mooner – “The Wizard
11 – Solace – “Electric Funeral
12 – Howling Giant – “Lord Of This World
13 – Elephant Tree – “Paranoid
14 – Brume – “Solitude
15 – Saint Karloff – “Sleeping Village

Caustic Casanova‘s take on “Wicked World” has emerged as the first single to be shared from the effort and can be streamed below. The band’s Jake Kimberly said of their cover choice:

“Covering a song is always an interesting experience. You want to do it justice, but also make it your own. Is there anything worse than a stale rendition that merely recreates the original note for note? We spent weeks working on ‘Wicked World.’ We tuned it down, and broke it down part by part, investigating where we should be true to the first Black Sabbath album and where we should venture into other sonic territories.

Sometimes you just have to play together and feel your way through a piece of music. That’s how we created the more ambient section, which took the place of Iommi‘s solo. We wanted to keep the heavy energy going and growing through the middle, so we further embellished and even wrote new parts (for a Sabbath song, it seems sacrilege, but we did it anyway), adding twin guitar leads and riffs that fit the upbeat pulse we were after.

We toured this cover across North America, and, as expected, it was a crowd pleaser. It perks the ears of people in the back of the bar who are on the fence about watching the band or going out for a smoke. Nothing gets people on your side quite like Black Sabbath.”

The track listing for “Vol. 4 [Redux]” will run as follows:

01 – Thou – “Wheels Of Confusion
02 – The Obsessed – “Tomorrow’s Dream
03 – High Reeper – “Changes
04 – Matt Pike (of High On Fire) – “FX
05 – Spirit Adrift – “Supernaut
06 – Green Lung – “Snowblind
07 – WHORES. – “Cornucopia
08 – Tony Reed – “Laguna Sunrise
09 – Haunt – “St. Vitus Dance
10 – Zakk Sabbath – “Under The Sun

Spirit Adrift‘s take on “Supernaut” from that outing can be heard below as well. Pre-orders for “Best Of Black Sabbath [Redux]” are available here, while you can pick up “Vol. 4 [Redux]here. The latter record came about via a highly successful Kickstarter.

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