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Marilyn Manson Interviews Actor Nicolas Cage, Reveals Manson Apparently Got Married “During Lockdown”


Marilyn Manson has interviewed one of his famous close friends, actor Nicolas Cage, for Interview Magazine. The conversation primarily focuses on Cage, but the pair do let their guard down often throughout the discussion, even revealing that Cage attended Manson‘s apparent wedding this year via FaceTime.

Presumably this would mean Manson married his long-time girlfriend Lindsay Usich—though the specifics were not divulged. An excerpt from the interview reads:

CAGE: “That’s what I’m doing to keep myself amused. By the way, is it okay to talk about your wedding? I thought your wedding was beautiful because that’s what you were doing while you were in lockdown. I got to see a little of it on FaceTime, and I thought it was very beautiful, the way you sang ‘Love Me Tender.'”

MANSON: “You were the only guest at the wedding on FaceTime. And you definitely cock blocked me on singing ‘Love Me Tender,’ because you mentioned you were going to sing it to us, but I had set up a karaoke machine to do it myself. We both sang it in the end, and your version was even more beautiful.”

Later in the chat, Manson also shared his thoughts on social media, something with Cage abstains from, relaying that he’s “still a big believer in the mystique and the glamour of the Golden Age film stars.’

Manson responded to that:

“I really believe in your concept of mystique. Despite being on social media, I’ve always been a true believer of never emptying the bucket of mystery to the world, because it’s not that we’re meant to be gods or something, but we are artists.

In a world with social media, when anyone can say or create anything that goes viral, it doesn’t have the same staying power as the work that you’ve committed to celluloid. Your creativity remains in a way that will never be overtaken by social media. If it is, I’ll probably shoot myself. Not fatally, but maybe in the foot.”

You can read the entire discussion Interview Magazine.

Manson‘s new album “We Are Chaos” saw a release this past September.

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