Alex Varktazas

Alex Varkatzas (Atreyu, Etc.) Wants To Start A “Super Heavy Band”


Alex Varkatzas (Atreyu, I Am War) shared a video today (August 24th) in which he reveals he’s thinking about starting a “super heavy band” due to needing an “outlet” for his “creative energy”. You can watch him briefly discuss that idea below. He captioned his video on the matter as follows:

“I need to shred bro. I’m thinking blood has been shed , meets a little in flames , with a bit of the old Lamb of freaking god thrown in on top. Maybe an ep? Maybe a full length? I need to crush! I miss high fives and stage dives…”

Varktazas is rumored to have parted ways with Atreyu, though neither he nor the band have directly commented on the matter as of yet. Notably, Varktazas did share these Stone Temple Pilots lyrics overnight with hashtags that included ‘#fakenews’ and ‘#falsenarrative’.

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