Body CountDirk Behlau

Body Count’s “Cop Killer” Soundtracked A Black Lives Matter March In Oakland This Weekend


Body Count‘s early ’90s anti-police brutality anthem “Cop Killer” has had quite a storied history. Having been shelved after a firestorm of controversy surrounding it back in 1992, it’s largely exists via some unofficial YouTube streams these days.

While the band’s frontman Ice-T has since distanced himself from the track, it has organically returned to relevance amid growing clashes with police as violence continues to erupt between law enforcement & protesters (as well as rioters) across the United States. That conflict has escalated in select cities as calls for an end to police brutality were amplified worldwide following the police killing of George Floyd earlier this year.

Such as it is, a car ahead of a protest march led in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Oakland, CA this weekend was heard soundtracking the event with the infamous aforemetioned Body Count track. Footage of that was shared below. According to The Associated Press, this weekend’s protests in Oakland turned ugly as the Alameda County Superior Courthouse was lit on fire and a police station was vandalized by a small group of demonstrators.

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