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Ice-T On Body Count’s “Cop Killer”: “30-Years-Ago Ice Is Different Than 62-Year-Old Ice”


Ice-T certainly has a unique perspective to offer on the current racial unrest and calls for police brutality in the world. His resume includes time in the military, various illicit activities, a pioneering rap career, frontman for the metal band Body Count and successful actor, notably playing detective ‘Odafin Tutuola‘ on ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit‘ for two decades.

However, in the early 1990s Ice-T set off a firestorm of controversy with the release of the Body Count track “Cop Killer“. Part revenge fantasy, part rally cry against police brutality, the song saw police unions across the U.S. unite in protest against the band and their label Warner Bros. Records. U.S. Presidential condemnation and intense financial pressure to have the track banned following.

Ice-T eventually withdrew the song from the band’s self-titled album as part of a deal with Warner Bros., but to this day, it has yet to be made available officially again since. The song’s absence was recently the subject of this investigative report from Billboard.

When asked recently by The Washington Post if he thinks fans would understand “Cop Killer” more now than during its original release in the 90s, Ice-T responded:

“It was a song about somebody who, during a moment like this, got so mad that they went after the cops. We don’t want that guy. But a lot of times you warn people by saying this can happen. I never killed no cop. I’ve written better songs that are more on point with what I believe today. I was a little more radical back then. ‘No Lives Matter‘ addresses my feelings at this moment. You got to remember, 30-years-ago Ice is different than 62-year-old Ice.”

When asked who 62-year-old Ice is, he replied:

“My correct guidance right now is know your allies and let’s continue to go forward. Don’t let up. Let’s go after Breonna Taylor’s killers. Let’s get it done.”

Just yesterday (June 17th) it was announced that Body Count had created a radio edit of their 2017 track “No Lives Matter” and shipped it to radio. You can read more on that here.

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