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Zao Announce Upcoming Rarities Set & Vinyl Reissues


Zao have announced the coming release of two sets of vinyl releases they have planned for the summer/fall of this year. Among them are vinyl reissues of past releases and a raritiy collection. The band said of those pairs:

Pair #1:

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“Preface: Early Recordings 1995-1996”:

Newly unearthed/remastered archival recordings of the early years of the band.Included are the early “split release” tracks released by Steadfast in addition to 6 unreleased Shawn Jonas era recordings and 5 unreleased Eric Reeder (original Zao vocalist) recordings. Also available on Digital, cassette and CD (with 2 bonus tracks).

“All Else Failed” (25th Anniversary Edition):

New 2LP 45rpm cut done at Chicago Mastering. Packaged in gatefold with printed booklet. 2 new variants (one is a limited 180gram version). There will also be a new Cassette and CD issue to go with this.

Pair #2:

“The Splinter Shards The Birth Of Separation” (vinyl reissue):

New Vinyl Master, Updated artwork and liner notes by original cover artist Dave Rankin. Overseen and endorsed by the band.

“Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest” (vinyl reissue):

New Vinyl Master, updated artwork and liner notes by artist cover artist Dave Rankin. Overseen and endorsed by the band.