Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins Apologizes After Audio Emerges Of Him Using A Racial Slur


Earlier this week audio of Memphis May Fire singer Matty Mullins engaging in usage of the n-word started to circulate amid a private phone call with his manager that was recorded several years ago. heard the audio, which had been set to song and seemingly found Mullins exaggerating about potentially signing to Fearless Records and more.

Amid the voicemail, Mullins was heard dropping the n-word. For clarity, the usage of the slur appeared to be used in context of shameful cultural appropriation and not in reference to a particular person. The audio was made available on Soundcloud, though it has since been pulled.

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Outside of the obvious issues of using a racial slur, that Mullins has long espoused his Christian values and himself had been rallying on his social media for Black Lives Matter earlier this week (see below), the backlash was justifiably fierce. Mullins has now issued the following statement on social media about the matter:

“10 years ago, before the band had any real traction, I spoke with my manager at the time on the phone every day. Aside from talking about business, we also joked around a lot. I was young, excited, stupid, and always hyper. Anytime he didn’t answer a call I would leave a ridiculously exaggerated or vulgar voicemail for him to chuckle at before calling me back.

A couple years later after the band had seen some success, he took some bits & pieces from the voicemails & made a song with them. His intention was for us to listen, laugh & look back on how far we had come since those ridiculous days. All this time later, that song fell into the hands of some people that do not know me.

Naturally I have seen a burst of angry social media comments from those people who do not know the context or timeframe of what was said and want to expose me in light of everything happening in the world right now, and to be honest, I get it! I would never sit here and try to defend ignorant things that came out of my mouth when I was young and immature. I’m addressing this because those who have heard about it deserve to have the whole story.

Over the last 10 years my life has changed drastically, from both experiences I’ve had and the maturity that comes with getting older. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned so much from all of them. I’ve learned just how powerful words can be, from the stage and interviews all the way to a private or light hearted conversation.

My choice of language back then showed a lack of judgement and understanding of how hurtful words can truly be, and for that I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. You rarely get an opportunity to explain yourself to everyone that sees something on the internet, so I am grateful for anyone taking the time to read this.

With a career in music comes a platform and ability to reach countless people. I want nothing more than to use my platform to spread love, hope, joy, and any knowledge I might again along the way.

I am forever grateful to everyone that has been with me on this journey of life. I’m learning & growing every day and will be util the day I die. Thank you for taking the time to hear from my heart.”

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