Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon Appear To Be Planning To Release A New Single


As they have been documenting across their social media in recent months, Bring Me The Horizon have been spending their time in quarantined working on music for a new album. In the below newly released video segment they discuss how those sessions have shaped up and how they’ve adapted to recording remotely as the quarantine has dragged on.

They also hint at how one song in particular has come together quicker than the rest amid those sessions. That song appears to be titled “Parasite Eve“, with the band having shown some bits and pieces of it throughout the aforementioned video series.

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While they clarify that the the song wasn’t directly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, they admit that it took on a different form as they worked on it. Notably, the title itself appears to be lifted from a 1998 PlayStation video game of the same name—which certainly aligns with the band’s past output.

Their 2013 track “Shadow Moses” was a reference to the ‘Metal Gear‘ series of video games, while more recently they released the track “Ludens” for ‘Metal Gear‘ creator Hideo Kojima‘s latest game, ‘Death Stranding‘.