Loathe Frontman Kadeem France: “I Want Our Band To Matter To People Like The Deftones Did To Us”


While Loathe mostly chart their own path, the similarities elements of their music have drawn to the likes of the Deftones do remain undeiable. This past January, Loathe got a nod from the Deftones frontman/guitarist Chino Moreno, who shared the video for Loathe‘s track “Two-Way Mirror” on his social media.

Speaking to Revolver about that, the band’s vocalist Kadeem France commented:

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“Oh man, the day that happened, my SIM card was broken and I was at work, so I was off the internet the whole day. I leave work, start listening to the Deftones on my route home, and when I get home and connect to the internet my phone starts blowing up and I see that Chino has shared ‘Two-Way Mirror.’ He’s screaming in my ears as I’m screaming the house down in excitement …”

He continued:

“I want our band to matter to people like the Deftones did to us. I want our music to help people like heavy music helped me. I want Loathe to continue the cycle.”