Hear Trivium’s Matt Heafy Guest On New Version Of Chthonic’s “Supreme Pain For The Tyrant”


Chthonic have posted a new version of their 2013 track “Supreme Pain For The Tyrant” which finds Trivium frontman/guitarist Matt Heafy guesting. Along with a new album due out in the coming weeks, Chthonic will also be releasing a live album titled “Taiwan Victory” in May. That effort was recorded this past December in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Palace. Chthonic vocalist Freddy Lim continues to hold a parliamentary seat in Taiwan, having won his re-election bid earlier this year.

A press release shed more insight onto the songs inspiration:

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‘Peter Huang is a very important pioneer in Taiwan’s pro-democracy movement. He attempted to assassinate the late dictator Chiang Ching-kuo who visited New York in 1970. After failing the attempt, Peter became wanted, and was forced into exile. After Taiwan was democratized in the 1990s, Peter returned to Taiwan as a human rights advocate, helping many disadvantaged victims of repression. He held important positions in many human rights advocacy groups, including as chairman of Taiwan Association for Human Rights and Amnesty International Taiwan.’

Lim added:

“While being brave in resisting the authoritarian regime, Peter has a soft heart for the people and the land, and is an important source of inspiration for Chthonic. ‘Bú-tik‘ is one of the works inspired by Huang, and we wanted to continue honoring him which is where the idea for the remix originated. It was just the perfect project to work with Matt Heafy on.”

Heafy commented of his involvement:

“It is an absolute honor to be asked by one of my favorite bands on earth to be a part of their re-release of one of their greatest songs of all time. I can’t wait for people to hear this updated version and see the incredible music video.”

A music video for the updated take on the song can be found below:

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