Trapt Tour

Admat For Fake Trapt Tour Encapsulates Band’s Recent Twitter Antics


While it could technically also fall under the umbrella of April Fool’s, the below faked poster for a fictitious Trapt headlining tour that would find them out with some of the band’s more vocal detractors as of late expertly sums up Trapt‘s ongoing social media blitzkrieg.

Though not the first time, Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown has been waging open war on social media as of late in a seemingly unending Twitter meltdown. That tirade has seen his controversial opinions, ardent right wing political beliefs and the allegedly inflated position his band holds in the rock hierarchy earn him both supporters and detractors.

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In addition to being challenged by Power Trip and clashing with with various bands, Brown has also slammed the metalcore scene, citing bullying, similar sounding bands and opposing political beliefs among his argument.

More recently Brown publicly threatened to sue a parody account on Twitter. Of course Trapt‘s antics have also opened the floodgates to memes and parodies, including this one of the band’s platinum single “Headstrong” from platinum-selling 2002 self-titled album.

The onslaught also appears to have spilled over to Trapt‘s Wikipedia as well, as shared by one of Brown‘s current arch rivals, Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto:

Fake Trapt Tour Admat