Defiler Share Parody Of Trapt’s “Headstrong”


Depending on what side of the political spectrum you sit on, you likely either see Trapt‘s Chris Taylor Brown as a villain or a hero. His Trump touting tweets and prickly responses over the years on social media have certainly earned him a reputation which has found him both detractors and supporters.

His controversial social media exchanges this month have once again put him in the headlines and his continued onslaught has seen Defiler decide to parody the situation. Below you can hear their cover of Trapt‘s hit single “Headstrong“.

Despite Brown‘s continued boasts of Trapt‘s financial success, Trapt drummer Mike Smith has been running a GoFundMe after losing his car in the recent Nashville, TN tornado disaster. Defiler have encouraged those who listen to this cover to donate to that fund here.

Speaking further of the cover, Defiler‘s Jake Shaw added:

“I one take’d these vocals in an hour with my iPhone 6’s voice memo app, and honestly had a lot of fun making this. Many of us are currently confined to our homes due to Covid-19, so I wanted to record this, and hopefully make a few of you laugh or smile in these trying times.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and we do not tolerate bullies or people that spend their free time punching down. Besides, I’m just here for a silly goose time! Love ya. – Jake.”

You can download the cover here.

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