Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown Vents On Bullying, Slams Metalcore Scene


Weeks into his ongoing Twitter war, Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown has made a post on social media lamenting what he sees as a vicious cycle regarding bullying—particularly in reference to the metal and metalcore scenes which collectively dunked on him earlier this month. Heated exchanges with those bands and fans from those scenes, as well as those who take issue with Brown‘s beliefs and opinions, have persisted for several weeks now.

In his post, Brown suggests that he is the victim of bullying, while also stating the aforementioned scenes are limited by only being able to express the same beliefs at fear of being ostracized. He also surmises that many of those attacking him were likely bullied themselves.

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As for the beliefs issue, it’s possible Brown was referring to his own right wing political beliefs, which he proudly continues to express to differing degrees of controversy. His comments on race, rape and more in recent weeks have certainly not sat well with some.

His post on bullying and metalcore reads as follows:

“It is so hilarious and at the same time, sad to see so many people who you KNOW were bullied big time growing up, salivating at the chance to try and bully someone else now that they’ve grown up and are desperately trying to fit in anywhere they can…. Ya know like a metal or metal core “scene.”

A scene where everyone has to have the same beliefs or they just can’t talk about it. Living in an echo chamber that makes the individual conform to that group think. Maybe it feels just as good to hate as it does to love… Have any of you caught yourself ganging up on or bullying someone else in a sort of “turn the tables” kind of way?

I don’t even think most know that is what they are doing. If their favorite “scene” band has an idea, their teeny bopper followers follow along. They all believe the same things. No individuality in those “scenes” at all. The bands have to sound the same too, especially metal core.

It’s like they all have to sound like the exact same singer. One singer could sing for 4 warped tour bands and no one would know the difference🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, either way, if someone comes to try and bully you, make sure you stand up and defend yourself. Always! ~CTB”

The response on the post (see here) hasn’t entirely been favorable, though it seems there are many who share his viewpoints and eagerly support him. Brown has also been replying to fans in the comments, here’s some of the notable exchanges:

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