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Trent Reznor Speaks On New Nine Inch Nails Plans, Says “If I Could Put ‘The Fragile’ Out Again, I’d Break It Into Two Albums”


Trent Reznor has sat down with for an interview that delves into his extensive catalog, touching on “Pretty Hate Machine” turning 30, his more recent work scoring HBO‘s TV adaptation of ‘Watchmen‘ alongside Atticus Ross, the status of new Nine Inch Nails and more. Some excerpts from read can be found below:

When asked on the decision to release their aforementioned ‘Watchmen‘ score across three separate volumes:

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“Well, we’re having some fun with the way that it’s released. There are a number of reasons behind doing that. One is there is quite a bit of music, and I think when you drop a big chunk — a couple hours’ worth of music — on the public these days, that’s a good way to get 90 percent of it ignored. So breaking it up is good.

The motivation wasn’t to monetize it three times; that wasn’t what the deciding factor was. And we’re putting it out on vinyl because we’ve been on a physical-object kick. Speaking for myself, that’s for nostalgic reasons. I’m looking at a shelf full of vinyl albums right now, and it that feels a little different than something that’s a cloud-based file, which feels a little disposable. They also tie into ‘Watchmen‘. Let’s put it this way: We overthought it.”

When it was pointed out that he also took a somewhat similar approach to the more recent Nine Inch Nails releases, he replied:

“…If I could put ‘The Fragile‘ out again, I’d break it into two albums. I think back then, 20 years ago, it was a little self-important to drop something of that length and density on people, but the last three mini records we put out were actually one album.

The music, I felt, in no way was dumbed down. And again there’s no concern or thought or even the slightest consideration for, “Does it make sense in the streaming era? Will it chart better?” I don’t care about any of that stuff. It’s how can people be aware of it and digest it in some fashion.”

Regarding potentially playing “Pretty Hate Machine” or “The Fragile” live in full:

“I’m sure we haven’t. There’s always been a couple of songs that we’ve never worked up live. When we do those things live, it just comes together. For example, we didn’t plan on playing the whole ‘Broken‘ record. Two days before the first show, I thought, ‘Hey, we know every song except this one or that one. Let’s learn it.’ And then we’re on tour and we see the reaction and that was actually pretty fun, and it’s great to mess the set list up and keep it exciting for the audience and us.

I wonder if we could do ‘The Fragile‘. There are eight songs we don’t know. So maybe next time we tour, we’ll do our homework and work up a few of them. I’d like to say there’s a great master plan behind all that; usually, it’s inspiration when it’s too late to actually do anything.”

When asked if there is currently any new Nine Inch Nails music in the works:

“Right now, we are finishing up ‘Watchmen‘, and we’re working on the Pixar film [‘Soul‘] that we are doing. And we have plans for Nine Inch Nails stuff, but we haven’t got down to doing it because literally every minute of the day for the last several months has working on score stuff. But the plan is to do stuff, yes.”

The rest of the conversation discusses his mindset during his earlier works, his reversed opinion on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, working on the aforementioned Pixar film and more. You can find the whole chat here.

The first volume of his and his Nine Inch Nails bandmate Atticus Ross‘ score for the ‘Watchmen‘ arrived yesterday, November 04th. A second volume is scheduled to arrive on November 25th with a third and final entry due out on December 16th.

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