Oli Herbert Of All That Remains

Oli Herbert’s Widow Is Involved In A Financial Dispute With All That Remains Over Alleged Unpaid Profits


It’s been just over a year since the mysterious death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, who was found drowned in a pond a mere few inches deep on the property of his Stafford Springs, CT home in October of 2018. State police continue to investigate his death as suspicious and initially went on to seize the computer and phone records of his widow Elizabeth Herbert as part of their ongoing investigation.

Much of the public suspicion has been cast upon Oli‘s wife in the wake of his death, due to some highly unusual circumstances. A report filed in early 2019 revealed that Oli had signed a will that left Elizabeth as his Sole Executor/Benefactor a week prior to his death. That will, which locked out Herbert‘s sister Cynthia from receiving anything from his estate, was signed under bizarre circumstances. Notably it also made mention of a life insurance policy, the value of which was undisclosed.

Elizabeth also made some oddly worded comments online in the wake of Oli‘s passing which went on to raise more suspicion. Around the same time a Facebook group called ‘Justice For Oli‘ was launched with a collective of fans conducting independent fact finding and activism regarding his death.

The suspicion cast against Elizabeth in the weeks after her husband’s death led to people trespassing on her property, actions which she justifiably condemned. She also cancelled a planned public memorial for Herbert out of concerns for her safety. She lashed out against her dissenters online around the time of that cancellation.

In the days after his passing, Elizabeth claimed that Oli had been self-medicating for ‘manic depression’ and had traces of anti-depressants and a sleeping aid in his system as per a toxicology report.

Interesting circumstances continued to emerge after his death though, as a few months after Oli‘s passing, it was revealed that the couple’s house was in foreclosure at the time of his death. That complaint was eventually dismissed earlier this year with Elizabeth remaining a resident of the household.

In this radio interview conducted in February of this year, All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte referred to Elizabeth as “garbage human being”, stating that he never knew Oli to indulge in any hard drugs. He also went on to say that Elizabeth was not allowed to be around the band when on tour due to apparent personal conflicts between her and members of the band.

In a new report filed by the Hartford Courant this week, it’s now been revealed that Elizabeth is currently involved in legal action against All That Remains over allegedly unpaid debts. Oli was a member of All That Remains, Inc.—the partnership behind the band that handles their business interests. With her taking on Oli‘s interests as per the above-mentioned will, she claims to be entitled to a cut of the profits.

This new report reveals that she has filed a three-page letter in probate court alleging that she is owed profits for tours and shows the band have played since Oli‘s passing. She claims that her husband’s estate has not been sent the proper financial records nor any potential profits from these activities. She also went on to seek reimbursement for $6,901 in regards to a cremation bill and private memorial held for her late husband, though it seems the court has yet to approve her request.

This isn’t the only time Elizabeth has been litigious in regards to her husband’s musical output in the wake of his passing, as she also discussed potential legal action against the posthumous release of material Oli had worked on. She issued a statement online regarding that following the emergence of one of his final recordings. She argued that as the sole executrix of his estate, any parties would need her approval for a release of any of his material.

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