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More Confusion Emerges Over Fear Factory’s Future And New Album “Monolith”


With the bulk of Fear Factory‘s internal legal infighting having risen to the surface earlier this week, there’s been some more developments in the band’s camp. While these legal filings that surfaced on October 03rd gave an outline on the roughly decade-long history of lawsuits between current and former members of the band, they also shed some insight into the band’s current status.

Chief among that is that frontman Burton C. Bell has been licensing his continued usage of band’s trademarks, etc. in regards to music, touring and merchandise from ex-members Raymond Herrrera and Christian Olde Wolbers. He has been doing as part of a legal agreement they had established back in 2011.

This explained why it was Bell who publicly announced that the group had completed a new album titled “Monolith” back in November of 2018, seemingly without the knowledge or involvement of guitarist Dino Cazares. Cazares recently went on to tell a fan that there isn’t a new album from the band earlier this month.

Oddly though, the legal documents surfacing online led to an apparent since-deleted tweet from the official Fear Factory Twitter that read “Fear Campaign #Monolith”. That tweet was made on October 03rd—the same day that the band’s legal documents wound up surfacing online.

Cazares was asked about this directly by a fan on social media with the following exchanges taking place.

He also offered some more responses to fans in relation to the legal issues that have plagued the band over the years:

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