Korn's Jonathan Davis

Korn’s Jonathan Davis On Nü Metal: “That Scene Was Full Of Misogynistic, Opportunistic Dickhead Jocks”


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis‘ complicated relationship with being the pioneering act of the nü metal genre has once again come up in the press. Davis has previously stated that he hated the tag at first before eventually becoming proud of creating a music movement. However, it would appear that he isn’t as fond of the meathead culture that also surrounded the genre back during it’s late 90s/early 00s heyday. Speaking with NME on that, he offered:

“Oh man, that scene was full of misogynistic, opportunistic dickhead jocks. The sort of people who’d be bullying me at school if they weren’t supporting my band at shows. I’m about the art. We got lumped in with that stuff kinda because of the way we dressed. We were kinda hip hop, but there was nothing really hip hop about Korn other than the basslines to an extent. I didn’t rap!

In the beginning nobody knew what we were – we’d play shows with No Doubt or Pennywise and then when the metal community embraced us we went with it because it felt like we’d found a home. But I hate thinking that some people hear the name Korn and think we’re some douchebag, misogynistic, fucking macho dickhead band. I think the fact that we’re still here says a lot…”

The same conversation also saw Davis open up about the emotional trauma he’s suffered over the years, his belief in the paranormal and more. You can read the whole chat here. Korn‘s new album “The Nothing” hit stores this past Friday, September 13th.

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