Korn's Jonathan Davis

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Reflects On “Spearheading” Nü-Metal


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis spoke to Kerrang! as part of a cover feature on the band and reflected of the band’s role as being among the leaders of the nü-metal movement. Reflecting on the band’s initial struggle to find a footing, he stated:

“We were ultimately just outcasts. Nobody knew what to fucking do with us in the early days; we were doing tours with No Doubt, Pennywise and KMFDM, but the metal community took us in. We had distorted guitars and were heavy, but no-one knew what to do with us. We didn’t fit in anywhere. Who’s this guy with a fuckin’ tracksuit playing bagpipes? It’s the weirdest fucking shit.”

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While the band’s eventual success would essentially inspire an entire genre, it’s a tag that never entirely sat well with Davis, as he stated:

“It’s crazy. I used to hate being called this and that, I hated labels. When we first started we were like, ‘We’re not a metal band, y’all’ then they’d go ‘Oh, then you’re nü-metal!’ Well fuck you!”

Echoing past statements, he went on to state of the band’s role in the nü-metal movement:

“If we invented nü-metal then fuck yeah, cool. It’s pretty cool to say we helped invent some kind of movement, that’s pretty insane. The last big movement was us. Other bands helped along the way, but we spearheaded that whole thing.”

Korn‘s new album “The Nothing” will be in stores on September 13th.

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