Acey Slade Would “Love To” Make A New Murderdolls Album, Recalls The Time Joey Jordison Pissed On Iron Maiden’s Bus


Acey Slade (Dope, The Original Misfits, etc.) is the featured guest on the latest episode of the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ and during the discussion, he was asked if he would ever want to do another record with his past band Murderdolls. He replied:

“Oh I would love to. Absolutely. To me that’s musically, that’s the unanswered question if you will.

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I feel like the stories incomplete, but the sad thing about Ben passing away is that it really cleared things up with Wednesday and I. We had kinda cleared things up anyway, but with Eric as well, but now Joey’s kinda off in his own world, so I don’t know.

All I know is that I had the best time of my life with those guys and there’s a saying don’t regret the past, but don’t wish to relive it either.

Like I wouldn’t want to relive it, those times. I’m a different person now, as is Wednesday, as is Joey, but I feel like we could continue. Kinda take off where we left off.

So Wednesday and I have talked about a few different options and things like that—not at length. The main problem is with him right now, his new record is awesome, it’s called “Necrophaze” and it’s not out yet, its coming out soon, but it’s so good, it’s really really good, and I feel like he’s hit a creative stride, and he’s got a great label behind him. He’s got a great band behind him. He’s got a great team behind him and he doesn’t want to distract anything from that.

I’ve got my own things going on right now, and so does Joey. So it would have to be at a time where everybody’s schedules are just cleared and we could just kinda focus on it.”

Amid the discussion, Slade recalled an incident that saw them temporarily get kicked off of their tour with Iron Maiden at the time years back:

“So when I was in the Murderdolls we played Zagreb Croatia, and we went out, our record company took us out ,and I don’t know why, but we ended up at a biker bar. Not a biker bar, but a biker club house.

We get there and everybody got drunk, one of the club leaders girlfriends was following me around and so we ended up leaving.

We get back to the hotel and we were on tour with Iron Maiden. Well, Croatia had only been a country for a couple of years at that time. So we’re staying at the nicest hotel, but the nicest hotel in Croatia doesn’t have air conditioning.

We got back to the hotel, everybody is shitfaced except me, and they decide it’s hot so they’re gonna try and spray down the hallways with the water… they didn’t have fire extinguishers, they had fire hoses out, so they decided to pull the fire hoses out, those didn’t work.

We go back to the room, the bus is down below, but because there’s no air conditioning everybody in the buildings got their windows open.

So me and Wednesday are in one room, Ben and Eric are in the room next to us, and I hear all this yelling out the window and I stick my head out and I go ‘Will you guys just shut up?’.

What it was was Ben was yelling down to the guys in the bus ‘Yea bring up some more booze’ with that someone down below goes ‘Oh will you guys shut the fuck up’.

I stuck my head out and I’m like ‘Dude be quiet’ and Ben goes ‘Why don’t you shut up?’ and he throws a plastic bottle at me.

This plastic bottle hits my window, tumbles down into the window below us. It’s kinda the end of the night.

I wake up the next morning, I go down to the lobby and every body is livid and ‘I’m like what’s going on?’

Well we just got kicked off the Iron Maiden tour.

I’m like ‘why?’ and they’re like ‘well do you remember when Ben was yelling last night and we were throwing shit?’ I’m like ‘you were throwing shit, not we were throwing shit, you were throwing shit.’

So apparently, it was Iron Maiden‘s wardrobe girl that was below us, telling everybody to shut up. She thought the water bottle got thrown at her, she embellished the story and said it was a glass bottle—which it wasn’t—and that turned it us throwing bottles at the merch girl. Which wasn’t exactly what happened.

So Joey tells me the story and then our tour manager walks over and he goes as ‘if that wasn’t enough what you did too’, and Joey’s like ‘Well I didn’t do anything’.

You don’t remember what you did, and he goes no. Our tour manager says ‘Yea you pissed all over Iron Maiden’s bus’ and he’s like ‘I did?’

At that time everybody was paranoid about music bootlegging so Iron Maiden had a bus following them where they would play the record on the bus for all the press, and it was wrapped in all the Iron Maiden stuff.

Well Joey was just drunk and taking a piss, he didn’t realize it was Iron Maiden’s bus. However, Iron Maiden saw him pissing on their bus.

So, because I’m the guy that doesn’t party, I was the guy go and apologize to Iron Maiden, and I had to go into town and I had to buy roses for Iron Maiden’s merch girl, and I had to go to the photocopy place and print out signs that said ‘on behalf of all of the Murderdolls we would like to apologize to the entire Iron Maiden band, and crew’ and tape them all over the backstage area.

Apologize to the merch girl, and then, and only then were we allowed to finish the tour. And I didn’t even do anything.”

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