Slipknot's Tortilla Man

Slipknot’s ‘Tortilla Man’ Embraced The Meme And Brought A Tortilla Onstage


Slipknot‘s unidentified percussionist ‘Tortilla Man‘ embraced his unofficial moniker during the band’s show in Burgettstown, PA this past Friday, August 23rd. In the below photo he can be seen holding a customized tortilla up to his face with fans reporting he and other members of the band threw them into the audience.

The identity of the mystery percussionist continues to be a topic of interest among the band’s fans with a convincing theory emerging earlier this week as to who is behind the mask. Don’t expect the band to ever validate it, or any theory for that matter though, as frontman Corey Taylor has since stated of the mystery member’s identity, “even if somebody gets it right, we’re not gonna confirm it.

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Embracing the name from r/Slipknot

I love this band. Much better than catching a pick or a stick. from r/Slipknot

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