Rammstein Members Share A Kiss Onstage In Moscow, Defying Russia’s Anti-LGBTQ Stance


Rammstein guitarists Richard Z. Krupse and Paul Landers took a brave stance against the often openly anti-LGBTQ stance found in Russia by sharing a kiss together onstage during their July 29th show at the Luzniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia.

Admittedly however, given the often sexualized and bizarre nature of Rammstein‘s past performances (members of the band found themselves jailed in Worcester, MA back in 1999 after using a liquid-ejaculating dildo onstage,) this latest display would likely count as one of the least offensive things they’ve done onstage, even if it is one of their more powerful movements.

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The kiss between the pair has also become a part of their act in recent touring with Landers and Kruspe having done so on numerous stops of their European tour during the song “Ausländer“.

Regardless, doing so in Russia amid the openly hostile climate and potential consequences they’ll face for their actions, certainly sends a powerful message.


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