Korn's Brian Head Welch

Brian “Head” Welch Denies Trashing His Korn Bandmates In Phone Call With David Silveria


Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has come forward denying saying anything negative about his at the time former bandmates in Korn during a conversation with the band’s ex-drummer David Silveria several years ago. In a recent reply made to a fan on Instagram, Silveria said in part of his failed bid to rejoin the band alongside Welch a number of years back:

“…The year before head came back I personally talked to head and tried to get him to along with me talk to the guys about both of us going back to korn.

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At that time head said “David, you and I are good friends. But don’t call me if you are only going to try to get me to go back to korn. I will never go back.” Then less than a year later he goes back to korn. On our phone call he said very negative things about korn which I won’t repeat.”

In a post shared this past Friday, July 26th, via his official Facebook, Welch has since denied Silveria‘s claims, stating:

“I normally wouldn’t comment on this, but just want to present facts. When David called me, I was in such a good place, I was re-connected to half of the Korn guys, and I never would’ve said anything negative about them because my life was all about love and positivity, so him saying I told him horrible things about Korn that he can’t repeat, is a completely fragmented memory David has.

What I did say was that I would NEVER go back to Korn. That is true. But as you can see in my movie, LOUD KRAZY LOVE, that magical, unplanned meeting with Korn at Carolina Rebellion, changed my entire view of that possibility. The wounds with David and a couple of the other Korn members went way deeper than any issues I had in the past with them.

I did not plan on going back to Korn or plot to exclude David in anyway when I did return, things just ended up the way they did. I totally love our history with David and wish the very best for him and his family. He was a HUGE part of our beginnings.”

Silveria himself said in the same Instagram post mentioned above that he apologized to his former bandmates in Korn for the “immature” things he said of them in the past, which included him calling bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizua cowardly little bitch“. Meanwhile, Silveria and Korn launched dueling lawsuits against each other earlier this year over their latest royalty dispute.