David Silveria Is Now Countersuing Korn Over Their Latest Royalty Dispute (Updated)


Update: March 23rd, 2019 01:04 PM:

Former Korn drummer David Silveria has now commented publicly via his Facebook on the current legal battles he and his ex-bandmates are currently involved in. You can read his statement below:

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“This is the only time I’m going to post on this. Yes I found out I was being stolen from. Click on the link of our original partnership agreement.You can clearly read everything is split 20% all across the board. This is not about the individual band members. For all I know they may have not even known about this theft.

I feel so lucky that the 5 of us came together when we did. If it weren’t for the fans we would have just been guys playing in a rehearsal studio. But thanks to the fans around the world, we got to tour all over the world playing for millions of fans. Because of the fans my childhood dream became my reality. I will be forever grateful for that. This is all about business. I only want what I’m rightfully owed and thats it. I have no hard feelings towards any of the guys. We were brothers once and I love them all.”

Original Story:

You may recall that Korn and their former drummer David Silveria are once again locked in a legal battle, with their latest also being over royalties. Both the band and Silveria previously sued each other over royalties and eventually came to a settlement several years ago. Silveria is one of the five original members of the band who entered into a partnership together to handle the band’s business affairs back in 1994.

Back in 2015, Silveria alleged that he wasn’t getting his fair share of the profits from that partnership and sued to seek a full accounting of the band’s businesses. The band eventually countersued Silveria with the legalities ending in a settlement. As per that settlement, Silveria was said to have been awarded a lump sum in lieu of a share of royalties going forward.

Earlier this year however, it was revealed that the band had filed suit against Silveria. According to the group, Silveria asserted a claim to a share of the band’s royalties via SoundExchange. The band disputed his claim, but the disagreement led to SoundExchange putting a hold on the band’s royalties with over $290,000 in payments having been held up until the matter is resolved.

For their part, the band alleged that Silveria‘s claim was a violation of the settlement that they had previously reached with him and were seeking him to withdraw his claim, while also suing him for breach of contract and aiming for an end to any further claims against the band’s royalties.

This leads us up to now, with The Blast reporting that Silveria is now countersuing the band, alleging that they hid any reference to a 2003 agreement the band’s partnership made for royalties with SoundExchangeSilveria claims to have had no knowledge of this arrangement and is seeking a share of the profits he feels are owed to him from it.

He alleges that the band intentionally hid the arrangement from him during the negotiations of their settlement and is suing for breach of contract and more, while also seeking damages in excess of $750,000.

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